Medecin Traitant

Since 2005, with the introduction of the new system called “Le Parcours des Soins Coordonnées”, everyone covered by French social security must choose a “Médecin Traitant” or treating doctor. The Médecin Traitant, who can be either a GP or specialist, is meant to be the central player in the delivery of your health care. He or she is mandated to coordinate all your health care needs, to refer you if necessary to specialists to maintain your central medical file and provide personalized, preventive medical care. Doctor Salzman’s approach to the practice of medicine corresponds entirely to this form of health care.

By registering with a Médecin Traitant and coordinating all your medical care through your designated Médecin Traitant, you will not only receive optimal medical care but will receive better reimbursements from the social security system.

In order to designate Doctor Salzman as your “médecin traitant” to the french administration, you and Doctor Salzman must complete the following form and send it back to your “caisse primaire d’assurance maladie”: