Scope of Practice

Dr. Salzman believes in treating the whole patient and takes a comprehensive approach to preventative health care by emphasizing maintaining good health through regular examinations, a healthy diet, regular exercise and appropriate screening tests.

Doctor Salzman considers herself a privileged member of her patient’s healthcare team, with the patient playing a central role, encouraging involvement in every aspect of their healthcare, including questions and input.

Patient confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Family Practice

The scope of Family Practice encompasses all ages and genders, and all medical conditions both sexes and all medical conditions. Doctor Salzman has extensive training and experience in all aspects of primary care medicine which include but are not limited to the disciplines of pediatrics, adolescent medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, internal medicine, geriatrics, psychiatry, dermatology, ENT, orthopedics, sports medicine and nutrition, to name the most common specialties that a Family Physician sees on a routine basis.

As your primary care physician, Doctor Salzman should be your first contact for any symptom or medical condition. After appropriate evaluation and testing, Doctor Salzman will determine if you require a referral to a specialist, she will determine the urgency of your medical problem and judge the best specialist for you to see. She will make sure that you have done all the necessary preliminary tests and examinations to allow the specialist to give an expert opinion.

Over her many years in practice in Paris, Doctor Salzman has established a comprehensive network of excellent English speaking specialists who offer high quality care and who understand the importance of teamwork and providing feedback to the primary care physician.


Médecin Traitant

Since 2005, with the introduction of the new system called “Le Parcours des Soins Coordonnées”, everyone covered by French social security must choose a “Médecin Traitant” or treating doctor. The Médecin Traitant, who can be either a GP or specialist, is meant to be the central player in the delivery of your health care. He or she is mandated to coordinate all your health care needs, to refer you if necessary to specialists to maintain your central medical file and provide personalized, preventive medical care. Doctor Salzman’s approach to the practice of medicine corresponds entirely to this form of health care.

By registering with a Médecin Traitant and coordinating all your medical care through your designated Médecin Traitant, you will not only receive optimal medical care but will receive better reimbursements from the social security system.

In order to designate Doctor Salzman as your “médecin traitant” to the French administration, you and Doctor Salzman must complete the following form which the patient must and send to their corresponding it back to your “Caisse Primaire D’Assurance Maladie”.



Declaration de Choix du Medecin Traitant

Services Provided by Doctor Salzman

  • For Adults
  • Annual Check Ups
  • Women’s Wellness Examinations and Maternity Services
  • Paediatric Care
  • Childhood Vaccinations<
  • Travel Medicine
  • Tests performed at the office



  • Acute care: Every effort is made to accommodate patients with acute health issues by offering same day appointments. Please help us help you by giving the receptionist a clear idea of your problem/symptoms and the urgency of your condition when you call or email the office. when you call or email the office. This will allow her to find the most appropriate appointment slot for you.
  • Continuing care: For on-going health issues – for example: high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, diabetes, etc. Please provide a copy of your most recent prescription or precise names and dosages of all medications that you take and copies of pertinent medical reports, laboratory results, specialists’ reports etc.
  • Annual check ups: Please specify when you contact the office that you are booking an appointment for an annual checkup. Please bring copies (these will be added to your file) of all past laboratory results, imaging reports (x-rays, scans etc) vaccine records, details of prescription medications that you take and copies of pertinent specialists reports. An annual checkup is usually a two-staged process- at the first appointment Dr Salzman will discuss your past history and on-going health issues and any complaints you might have. Appropriate tests will be ordered. On the subsequent visit, the results of all tests will be reviewed and the actual physical examination will take place and recommendations for on-going care will be discussed.


Women’s Wellness Examinations:

  • Routine gynaecological examinations including Pap smear tests
    • Referrals as required for:
        • Mammograms and breast ultrasounds or sonograms
      • pelvic ultrasounds
  • bone density tests
  • Pre-conception health
  • Contraception
  • Pre-menopause and menopause related health issues
  • Pregnancy

Doctor Salzman is the first health care provider you should contact if you are pregnant. At your first prenatal check up Doctor Salzman will order the appropriate blood tests and ultrasounds and discuss the options available to you in France for continuing prenatal care and delivery.

Doctor Salzman can provide the necessary prenatal care (usually once a month) for uncomplicated pregnancies until the 6 month of pregnancy and refer you for the necessary prenatal ultrasounds.

Maternity services:

The choices are numerous in Paris and the surrounding areas. You can either choose a French public hospital where the care is provided by a team of midwives or if you prefer to be followed by an obstetrician of your choice, you can choose to deliver in a private clinic or hospital. Dr. Salzman will be happy to discuss the two options with you and help you decide which type of maternity care is best suited for you.





  • Newborn care
  • Routine well baby and well child check ups
  • Routine vaccinations for babies and children of all ages
  • Annual check ups
  • School check ups
  • Sports certificates
  • Camp physicals
  • University/college physicals

Please bring a copy of your child’s immunization records and carnet de santé (if they have one) with you for their first appointment.

Please note that the following hospitals in Paris accept pediatric emergencies :


Childhood Vaccinations:

Doctor Salzman firmly believes in the effectiveness of vaccinations and their safety and that all children should receive the recommended vaccines according to the commonly accepted international vaccination schedules.

Vaccination schedules do vary from country to country and Doctor Salzman is willing to work with each young patient and their parents to establish a comprehensive vaccination strategy that will meet their home country and France’s vaccination requirements and protect the child from all preventable contagious diseases.

Please bring a copy of your child’s vaccination records to their first appointment.

French physicians do not stock vaccines in their offices and they must be purchased at the pharmacy upon presentation of a Doctor’s prescription. Once purchased, vaccines must be kept refrigerated.

Below are links to the French vaccination schedule as well as the link for USA, Canada, UK and Australia.







Travel Medicine:

When you are planning a trip that might require immunizations or preventive malaria medication, make an appointment as far in advance as possible so that you can discuss your travel health care needs and bring along a copy of your immunization records. Some travel vaccines are good for life and others require boosters at different time interval. If you are receiving travel vaccines for the very first time, it is best to begin the process at least one month before the intended trip since some vaccines require a series of more than one injection and others must be administered at least one month before departure.

Doctor Salzman is a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine and has experience in traveler’s health. She can provide travel health advice to you and your family for leisure and professional travel around the world and administer most of the required vaccinations. As for all immunizations, French doctors do not stock the actual vaccines in their offices and they must be purchased at a pharmacy by the patient. Most can be purchased without a prescription. Once they have been purchased they must be kept refrigerated.

Please note that most travel related vaccinations are not reimbursed by the French social security health insurance plan.

The following vaccinations are not available in private doctors’ office and can only be obtained in specialized vaccination centers:

  • Yellow Fever
  • Japanese Encephalitis


Flu Shots:

Each year flu shots are made available in all French pharmacies at the end of September or early October and can be purchased at any pharmacy WITHOUT a prescription for approximately 12 euros (2020). (2020). Dr Salzman strongly recommends that ALL patients over the age of 6 months receive a flu shot every year.

The cost is reimbursed by the French social security plan for certain individuals with chronic health problems (eg. diabetes, asthma to name a few) and for people over the age of 65. If you belong to this group, you will receive a form from the social security office that you must present to both the pharmacy and the doctor who administers the injection.

You must call the office to set up an appointment to receive the flu shot or bring it with you if you have made an appointment for another medical problem.


Tests Performed in Doctor Salzman’s Office:

  • Pap smears
  • Urine tests (excluding cultures)
  • Rapid strep tests